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November 05, 2004

Sr. Karol Jackowski

A parisioner told me yesterday that she saw an interview on CNN on Wednesday with Sr. Karol Jackowski, author of The Silence we Keep, and Jerry Falwell. It was about the presidential election and Falwell was happy with the outcome and Sister was not. Anyhow, Falwell decided to ask her if she was pro-choice, and Sister reluctantly admitted that she was for a woman's "right to choose." Falwell then launched into her asking how should could call herself a Catholic with the Pope and the Church being against abortion. Sister Jackowski could not respond adequately. It is a sad day (although not an uncommon one) when Jerry Falwell is a better Catholic than a Catholic Sister.

Oh wait though, it gets even better! It seems that "Sister" has written other books, including Sister Karol's Book of Spells and Blessings. Here is the index with some of the spells. She also has a book called Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die - I hope that have an abortion and cast a spell are not on that list.

Anyone know anything else about Sr. Karol? To what order does she belong? Have any canonical censures been imposed on her?

Posted by Fr. Bryce Sibley at November 5, 2004 08:25 AM

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Regards, John

Posted by: John at November 5, 2004 08:51 AM

She wrote a book on the Scandal:



Posted by: David at November 5, 2004 08:55 AM

Last night I was getting off the train at New Rochelle, NY when I spotted three Sisters of Life. I am always in awe of the light that radiates from them. Thank God for the Sisters of Life and their ministry. What a stark difference from any nuns who would be for abortion.

Posted by: JB at November 5, 2004 09:10 AM

She may be best known for some cookbooks she published.

Posted by: RC at November 5, 2004 10:29 AM

She's the Dean of Student Affairs at Saint Mary's in Notre Dame.
She made Our Lady's Warriors dissent list in the category of Teaching Incompatible With Catholic Faith http://www.ourladyswarriors.org/dissent/disspeop.htm

Posted by: Katie at November 5, 2004 10:46 AM

She also wrote the most nauseating article about the priest scandal that I have ever read. http://www.orgsites.com/ca/votf-ca/VOTF38.doc

Posted by: Katie at November 5, 2004 10:53 AM

She has to go. Lots of them have to go. It's un-pastoral to permit these lunachicks to continue their assault on Christ and His Church. Entire orders need to be supressed.

Enough already! Bishops, wake up! A little help, here, please.

(Recently in my Diocese of Camden, NJ, there was a retreat w/ a SSJ nun on "Praying w/ the UN Earth Charter". Ugh.)

Posted by: tony c at November 5, 2004 12:28 PM

What an unfortunate last name...

Posted by: Robert at November 5, 2004 12:56 PM


Posted by: beno at November 5, 2004 01:05 PM

Why is she a nun?

Posted by: Lynn at November 5, 2004 01:06 PM

Before I actually cared, I went to a "Women's Retreat" at La Salette Shrine in Southeastern Massachusetts. There, right in the sanctuary we set up altars to the four directions, learned how to make a "woman's rosary" based on the 28 day mentrual cycle, and had a grand ol' pagan time. One wonam said, "I don't need one of those "Women's rosaries", I have Mary's Rosary". I looked at her sadly because she didn't "get it". Boy how I wish I could remember her name so I could apologize!

So Sister here ain't the only one....they're everywhere.

Posted by: Janjan at November 5, 2004 01:30 PM

Sad, indeed. Maybe one of her fun things was "to make Jerry Falwell look like a better Catholic than a (putative)Catholic nun."

The Fun book looks pretty bad. If you look at the Amazon site, other authors can come up with 100 or 1000 things. All she could find was 10. Even if you element the dangerous and morally objectionable, there are more than 10 fun things to do before you die. Not that fun is really the meaning of life.

Posted by: Ellyn at November 5, 2004 01:47 PM

Ah, this nun would fit in nicely at my old parish. As long as she's a good homilist, that is. I'd like to see one of these nuns stand next to a really holy little nun. I'd bet you anything that lightning bolts would start erupting between them or something like that.
By the way, Fr. Sibley, I really like your blog. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Don Juan Victorio at November 5, 2004 07:48 PM

Amazon says that she lives in Manhattan and is the chief operating officer of a chain of stores called Alphabets. Check it out - www.alphabetsnyc.com
You can buy Nunzilla and the Jesus Action Figure there.

Posted by: Diane at November 6, 2004 01:15 AM

"Sister" Karol was part of an interview panel on
Deborah Norville Tonight (MSNB). Subject: Moral
Values! Don't the producers check the credentials
of their "guests?" Karol Jackowski's website tells
the story. She's an ex-Holy Cross nun (across the street from Notre Dame) and now belongs to a
group called The Community for Christian Life
(non-sanctioned by the Archdiocese of New York,
of course).

Posted by: Chris at November 8, 2004 09:05 PM

i believe she is a Holy Cross Sister. I love her writings and i think she is a wonderful person who can - unlike most of many other sterile cqatholics i know - laugh at herself and the church that gave her ... and me ... and us ... life. I love her and i pray to God we have a few more liught-hearted prophets like Karol!

It would be a very sad day if ever she is censured! Her censures ought to be the ones to be seriouslty censored and not her! LET'S WAK UP AND LIVE ...

Posted by: Lippu Koppino at November 9, 2004 09:06 AM

I'd love to "WAK UP AND LIVE" if somebody would explain to me what it means. If it involves nudity or hand-puppets I'm not interrested.

Posted by: Thom Linken at November 9, 2004 10:58 PM

So you ridicule somone simply because she disagrees with your own or the churches views?
I don't think that ridiculing the sister is the best, most appropriate, or most Christian response one can make.

For the record, I happen to be against abortion on all cases.

Posted by: Stephen M. Bauer at November 10, 2004 04:24 AM

I don't know much, but I'm pretty well convinced that for the Church to be The Church it has to teach and embody something other than "views". If the Church and its teachings don't stand apart and above the marketplace of ideas then why bother being Catholic ? As for "disagreeing" with the good sister, her writings are so silly they're not even wrong.

Posted by: Thom L. at November 10, 2004 07:08 AM